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Re: Thing is...

Ulric wrote:

That is my definition. The peak can be wide open (the 7-14, or the Olympus 12-50 at the long end) but doesn't have to.

The 7-14 is a bit of an odd example, since it's a faster lens that Olympus has stopped off at f/4 (true of most of the SHG's - the reason they are sharp 'wide open' is that 'wide open' isn't 'fully open'). Possibly also true of the 12-50. The advantage of a small format is that the lenses might be relatively humongous without being as big as people expect. The 7-14 is doing the same job as an f/8 on FF, while the 12-50 is doing the same job as a f/7-9, a range when many first class zooms are into diffraction limited mode (and if you think not, just think, you could make such a lens by taking a 24-100/7-9 and putting a 0.5x focal reducer behind it - it would probably end up much the same size).

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