Is there anything today that feels even marginally like an OM-2?

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Re: That's a personal question

Becksvart wrote:

darklamp wrote:

and more importantly perhaps the OM 2 doesn't need a 3,4cm adapter.

That would be because it's already 3.4cm thicker ( ignoring the small grip on end the NEX's ).

It's your perception of this that makes it an issue, not the fact of it.

It's about how a lens balances on a body. An adapter may help and it may not help. I dare say that for a tiny NEX and small lenses it does not, whilst an LA-EA2 does indeed help with bigger lenses.

You can however argue "It's subjective!" and make most of the internets redundant

I have never understood this talk of lenses "balancing".

If a lens is on the heavy side, then the lighter the camera the better, to keep down the weight you have to carry.

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