Ques: Exactly what do you see inside of w/ G1X II viewfinder ?

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Re: Ques: Exactly what do you see inside of w/ G1X II viewfinder ?

zackiedawg wrote:

JJ Rodin wrote:

If true, then what sort of communications (E-TTL) occur for flash control and would the same communication be expandable or usable for f/w update to control the EVF on a prior gen cam such as M? IOW, how does the G1X II do it and would not other older gen cams be upgradable via new f/w if using common flash commands ?

5 pins (top big - 4 small) are on the EOS M shoe, I believe most Canon have the same or similar, much diff from Nikon shoe.

Only a guess at this point as there haven't been any definitive hands-on conclusions, but to my eye, the EVF will not be controlled by the 5 flash foot pins you see on the flat surface of the flash shoe, but instead by the series of small brass pins at the forward edge of the flash shoe on the G1X II. Sony's flash shoe similarly has a full extra set of pins for using other addons such as microphones for video, and it looks from the photos in the hands-on from Dpreview that the G1X II flash shoe has a whole different set of pins for the EVF. The EOS-M doesn't have those pins, so it may not be compatible.

If you look closely at the photo above, you will notice that inside the hotshoe there are some connectors at the far end (towards the front of the camera). I am certain that this will be used for routing the data to the EVF.

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