D800 for Sexy Haute Couture ELLE Magazine Shoot

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fishy wishy
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Re: D800 for Sexy Haute Couture ELLE Magazine Shoot

Rich Rosen wrote:

Am I assuming that this shoot was the same one, you told us about a month ago in another thread? I can certainly see your excitement, or satisfaction with the work you produced with the D800 and the oft maligned 24-120. As an owner of the lens, I have been happy with what I can do with it. But what you've done with it throws a whole new light on the lens's ability. Thanks for sharing with us.

Why do people keep going on about the 24-120? OP does not emphasise it. It's not even in the thread title. It's the D800 in the thread title. If OP would set up the shots for me, I could shoot these with the Canon 35-135 over his shoulder

It's no challenge to any zoom's capabilities to shoot it at f8 with flash!

This thread is just a bit of entertainment, in no particular way does it demonstrate the potential of camera equipment over any other. It would be more to the point to specify the lighting.

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