Canon Withdrawing from Budget Compact Camera Market

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Great news... my thoughts on why...

mailman88 wrote:

A report from a Japanese newspaper cites a Canon executive’s comments that Canon will begin to withdraw from the budget-oriented compact cameras over the next year or two. The report notes that low-priced compact camera sales have plummeted due to the rise of the smartphone camera market.

Canon will instead focus its efforts on DSLRs and high-performance compact cameras going forward. No mention was made of Canon’s mirrorless camera efforts.

This is the best news I've read in a long while but don't expect them to fully abandon the low-end market.  There's always a lot of very serious money to be made in a stripped-down low-priced camera and anyone not filling this niche will eventually return to do so.  People will always want a quality compact to gift to family and friends.
Canon once came to the conclusion in the mid-2000s that they were making too many camera models.  Around 2002, Canon even withdrew all the cameras with a "5" designation (any camera with the number 5 in its name was withdrawn) when it became obvious that Canon had so many cameras to choose from that it was actually affecting the salespeople's ability to conclude a sale.
To explain briefly:  Canon had so many models on the salesfloor of any store that customers were confused and unable to choose between the models (which were quite similar to one another) t- this meant they would eventually decline to buy right there and then... because they couldn't decide... and that meant they browsed to other non-Canon brands and often bought one of those instead.  So Canon concluded there were simply too many choices and elected to cut their stock to make the decision-making easier and more streamlined.

You know it's all over when Canon release official marketing posters giving away free food etc with their cameras as an "add-on".
By getting rid of the many cheaper-end cameras today, Canon can now concentrate their resources and advertizing on those models that best pay the bills.  I think it's a surprise but inevitable.  Those cheaper cameras are often superseded by the fact that everyone today has mass-ownership of smart phones & iPads with cameras built into them. 
I ALWAYS carry a Canon high-end Subcompact with me wherever I go. Every day of the week, every week of the month, every month of the year.  Year after year.  I use it for anything and everything.
But last week, on Valentine's Day, my wife and I went to dinner and a movie and I left my current camera (Canon PowerShot s95) at home for the first time.  I brought with me a new Apple iPad Mini.  It's tiny but even in low light it takes an adequate photograph.  See example below.  This is what Canon are up against.  Who wants to waste a couple of hundred dollars on yet another electronic device when they already have a camera built into their iPhone, iPad, iPod etc?

Taken with my Apple iPad Mini

Now Canon's mirrorless cameras are going to become a very interesting subject over the next few years.  Last month a handful of EF-M lens patents were published by the Patents office.  And we know that Canon have announced the new interchangeable Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) - which I believe was being designed for the EOS-M Pro model.  With the compacts in the backseat, I think we can expect to see some exciting days ahead.  DSLRs will become more advanced as they phase out the low-end (cheaper) DSLRs.  But remember the predictions that the public sale of DSLRs will be all but dead in just 5 years.  If those predictions prove prophetic, we will then see a final camera evolution... probably to a new type of hybrid system with only full-frame DSLRs being on the table for professional and serious enthusiast applications.

More visual appeal in a meal ....from the Canon EOS-M

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