EM10: asides from the price, nothing entry level about it

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Re: Price isn't entry-level

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I love this little toy of mine

If it survives in Norway, It'll survive anywhere


An entry-level price is the Nikon D3200 which sells for less than $500 with the kit lens. The EM-10 is $300 more expensive. Yet the D3200 gives you a real optical viewfinder and a bigger 24MP sensor that has a much higher sensor score at DXOMark.

A real optical viewfinder? I think you missed the whole point of mirrorless. Have you compared the 2 viewfinders? I wouldn't ever go back to a DSLR mirror viewfinder, not even a full frame prism type, not to mention the small dim mirrored ones.

I haven't, but optical viewfinders are perceived by the market as being valuable, and mirrorless cameras are supposed to be less expensive because there's no optical viewfinder and mirror to add to the manufacturing cost and complexity.

I have used the D3200 and the E-M5, which I believe has the same EVF as the E-M10. Believe me, you won't be doing backflips over the D3200.

I'm not saying that I intend to buy a D3200, because I just don't need any more cameras right now and I prefer smaller cameras, but the MARKET is going to look at the relative prices and think that that the D3200 is a better deal and that the EM-10 is overpriced.

If the metric is IQ/$, then the market is right: the D3200 is a very inexpensive, basic, entry-level camera with good IQ. It is to Nikon what the E-PM2 is to Olympus, and if you compare IQ/$ of those two cameras you will find that it is much closer.

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