Adobe Elements 9 to Lightroom 5.3 ===> My experience

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Re: Adobe Elements 9 to Lightroom 5.3 ===> My experience

miketuthill wrote:

Barry Margolius wrote:

For me, that whole left hand panel (Canadian Forces base and other stuff) is gone, and the right click does nothing. Also, qutomatically remaps to

I think maybe Google has upgraded maps here, but not yet migrated it to Canada. I will, however, start using the Canadian maps because I like it better.

I went to the link you provided Barry and it redirected from there and offered me the opportunity to try the "New" Google Maps which I did. Yes, no sidebar and no right click menu at all. Hopefully they will be adding those functions back in as they further develop the "New", and degraded, Google Maps.

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I'm baffled as to why they think the new one is better.  Oh well....

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