Is it crazy to consider leaving my D800 at home while I travel

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Re: Is it crazy to consider leaving my D800 at home while I travel

No. I used to take two to three cameras, six or seven lenses, and a tripod on oversees trips and used to take several lenses with me on long multi-day hikes up and down rough terrain. Did I get some great shots? Yes but it was a real hassle to haul so much gear and I know that it must have been frustrating for my travel companions to have me always changing lenses. On my last couple trips to Europe I took a Sony NEX5n. I really enjoyed having it. The IQ is still solid and it was much easier to haul around for 10-12 hours straight into museums and restaurants and every where else. Did I miss some shots? Sure but it did make travel easier and, frankly, more enjoyable.

I don't plan on bringing a DSLR and multiple lenses on most of my trips but if I go to a place that is known for world class landscapes I'll still bring the best body and lenses that I can. This is especially true if I will have a car or will be based in one place for a long time.

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