Mirrored vs Mirrorless - current technology suited for opposite interests?

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Mirrored vs Mirrorless - current technology suited for opposite interests?

The growth of Mirrorless with quality IQ will continue to increase, due to their compactness and certain usability situation

Mirrored DSLRs will continue to exist for a while (until some revolutionary process makes them obsolete)

What I find interesting is - these cameras currently solve the challenges/limitation in opposite interest groups. One can of course use just one type and be happy, but there are still variations in usage.

For example, a mirrored camera gives great joy when one is shooting sports or action/wildlife, where looking through the lens is a joy to use. But they are technically limited when it comes to fps due to mirror usage. Also due to the nature of usage, burning through the mirror cycle can make the electro/mechanical prone to more rapid failure

On the other hand, mirrorless cameras can provide fantastic fps even in lowly bodies, but aren't truely enabled for sports/action when it comes to AF. They are also a pain in practical terms while shooting sports/action/moving wildlife since the tight control doesn't seem to exist during simulated viewing through EVF or LCD. On the other hand they are extremely effective ways to shoot landscape/nature/macro photography, especially with articulated screen thrown into the mix.

Ever since I have realized that, I have started carrying a smaller mirrorless aps-c body for my general work travel, while leaving heaving mirrored cameras behind - except of course for serious trips or trips when I see its potential. I can see myself having a nice very large mp mirrorless FF camera in the future - just for this purpose.

I believe the trend is being set and similarly noticed in dpr forums. People are looking for smaller bodies that can capture great picture quality without compromise when it comes to non-action photography.

Extending this further, will the future be a mix of cameras that fit into these two major types of photography - action and non-action with a mix of "pro, prosumer, consumer" for the masses? For example, I will be completely happy with a mirrorless camera with limited ASPM modes for landscape/nature/even certain wildlife photography. It can be a beginner model that does the job, with added electronic filters, hdr features, timelapse and what not. Only time will tell, but definitely something to think about!

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