Has anyone gone from a Sony to Canon?

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Re: Has anyone gone from a Sony to Canon?

I'm actually in the same boat as Section10.

I started off with a mid-range Sony E-mount system (NEX-5N) and enjoyed it greatly for awhile. At a certain point I outgrew it and its then-limited (and still limited, but now a bit bigger) ecosystem and added a Canon 6D system for the Canon ecosystem's sheer breadth and the equipment's more-obvious focus toward professional/pro-sumer applications and duty.

As it currently stands, Canon meets my more-serious-shooting (as opposed to my casual/social shooting, which I still do) needs better. This is not to say that Canon does everything in this realm better. There are some Sony technologies and implementations that are terrific, and I could only hope that Canon will stray a bit out of its conservative approach to offer their versions in the near future.

I think Sony, once it cures it ADHD, has great potential... but it needs to do something about focus (in the business sense, not optical). As it stands, I still enjoy the E-mount system for casual photography, and will pick up the upcoming A6000 for its promised enhancements beyond what mere CDAF and PDAF alone can achieve.

This is my experience only, and I'm sure people coming from A-mount (APS-C and FF) and FE-mount Sony systems might feel differently.

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