Some low light handheld D800 shots

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Re: Some low light handheld D800 shots

ianbramham wrote:

Luke Kaven wrote:

Ian, wonderful shots from you as always.

In this range of ISO and shutter speed, you would be able to get added benefit from doing a black frame subtraction. Those blacks will clean up on the order of a stop further.

Not that this is necessary. These pictures are lovely just as they are in BW.

Hi Luke,

I've never tried doing a dark frame subtraction in Photoshop although, as I do a lot of long-exposure photography I always have the relevant menu option for that enabled in my camera. Are there significant differences?

The D800 sensor runs very hot with all its active circuitry.  At high ISO settings, the thermal noise at even handheld shutter speeds make for a bluish-magenta cast with local hot spots.  Live view makes it run even hotter.

It's the same situation as with very long exposures, but now at handheld speeds.  We would like it if the camera had an option to do a full-time black frame subtraction, but it doesn't.  So that's why we have to do it in photoshop instead.

The new PhaseOne IS250 uses the Sony medium format sensor (55mp, 44x33mm) and does a /mandatory/ black frame subtraction automatically on every shot. This is (pretty much) the same design as the D800 in larger die.

The good news is that once you do this, you can shoot very nicely up to ISO 25600 with this camera.

The pictures you posted here are perfect as they are in my view.  But if you were curious about checking our your images from that night, you can do the black frame at a future date with excellent results.  Adjust the percentage to get the blacks to be black again.

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