African safari D800E backup: anything better than D610?

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Re: African safari D800E backup: anything better than D610?

That "D800 is fragile" comment is just silly. If you drop any camera you risk damage. And you don't need to be a PhD to know that the force of impact will be greater the heavier the lens attached.

Diatribe aside, I just returned from Safari. I took a D800e with a 24-70 attached and a D7100 with a 80-400 attached. That covered my needs pretty well and was quite manageable to carry.

FYI, at one point we were 4 wheeling it on the Serengeti Plain when our driver slammed on the brakes to avoid a gully. Both cameras, which were sitting on the Land Cruiser's seats fell to the floor.  After my heart re-started, I was relieved to find absolutely no problems.

You can see my images from Tanzania here:

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