Is there anything today that feels even marginally like an OM-2?

Started Feb 24, 2014 | Questions thread
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That's a personal question

You have your own idea of what an OM-2 felt like to use. Your perceptions may not match anyone else's. Therein lies the problem.

We can't really tell you that you'll prefer one camera to another. It's something you have to find out yourself, IMO.

I also think you may be making a mistake. You are seeking something old and comfortable ( to you ) rather than embracing what is new. The reality is that digital is not film. We can wrap the new cameras in sheep-like clothing as much as we like ( and I dare say Hasselblad will probably try a woolen version on an NEX next ) but it's not going to go "Baahh".

{ Re the OM2 ] It's not too small and not too large

That's a personal criteria - you are essentially asking for something that fits your hands. Who else can answer this ?

and with the Zuiko lenses I've paired it with it's looked and felt awesome in the hand.

Appearance. Again, something very personal. "Felt". Personal.

Excellent to carry over the shoulder in a strap

Something you can do with almost any camera. Heck, there are a lot of choices for straps as well.

and nice to set the aperture on the lens itself.

I don't know about you, but I regularly mount Nikon and Pentax glass on my NEX with either a simple adapter ( giving crop frame ) or a focal reducer ( giving close enough to full frame ) and use the manual aperture rings all the time.

You could easily do that with any MILC, including your own NEX and your OM lenses. Lots of people do.

And look at the benefits : focus peaking, metering, focus magnification assist and the rest of the digital niceties like RAW, HDR and so on.

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