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re: E-primes that no money can buy

captura wrote:

jpr2 wrote:

primes that no money can buy in E-mount, esp. with fast AF'ing:

  • 85/1.4,
  • or 100/2,
  • or 135/2,

Those, in Canon, adapt very easily. RJ or Metabones.

don't I know it? the EF 135/2L virtually lives on my N7, either through SA or through SB (making in EF 95/1.4 LL lens = yes, double L).

But... what I want is the same FL, the same aperture and... the same AF speed as I enjoy form the 135L on my Eos'es... and this will only be possible from the mythical E-mount 135/2 (presumably Zeiss) equipped with top-notch AF as well !!


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