Pana 20/1.7 (version II) vs Oly 17/1.8?? Need help deciding.

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Re: Pana 20/1.7 (version II) vs Oly 17/1.8?? Need help deciding.

hroIt must be about 4 years or so now since I made the tum to an M4/3 camera and it was a Panny GF-1 and with it I insisted that I had a small fixed prime..and chose the 20mm.  I used that totally on the camera for what must have been at least 12 months and was highly satisfied with it. People spoke of its slow AF.. but frankly I've never been one to complain in that respect. I shoot nothing that needs blazing fast focus..accuracy of focus is far more important to me and the 20mm is surely that. But I did then begin to fancy the 14mm Pancake as I fancied the slightly wider field and I just had the chance to get one as a direct buy from was with me in 3 days and the moment I put it on camera it showed itself to be totally faster in focus...AND it was quieter in operation than the 20mm. That 14mm never came off the camera after that time...and it got transferred later to the GX1 which I still have.
But only a few weeks ago I had another brilliant chance to buy a very good priced Oly 17mm f1.8 and I got it.  Since then the weather here has been so grotty and indifferent that I've just not done anything with it...until TODAY.,.when I found it a little bit better and by chance I had the opportuity to shoot a few samples in one of my local little village towns here in UK.. just a few miles away and normally very picturesque and well open to photog.  It was still a bit of a variable day...very little pale sun and generally a bit dreary but at least I grabbed a few - this with the 17mm on the GX1.
I've just had a quick look through about half of the replies and I don't think anybody yet has actually added any pics at all to give you any indication of what the 17mm does.. I'll add just a couple here..a couple  of the type I do a lot of..shots of window display things which I always find give me SOME interest anyway.. but I can say that I do like the Oly's quite fast in general enough certainly if you are not shooting moving things.. and certainly fast enough for me..and I take time and care to get a pic right (in the LCD before I push the to me..the green focus box certainly comes up well fast enough.. Pic quality I find to be excellent and certainly I don't think any of the 20mm/14m/Oly can be faulted THAT much anyway... but this Oly 17mm is beautifully made AND of course.if you DO have any need..there is on it the unusual "snapshot" ring that you pull back to expose a manual set of focus points so you can manually focus if you wish..and on the GX1, if you use pops up a reminder message on the LCD to change to Manual Focus...they've thought of everything !!

Through the glass of an Arcade shop window display

In a street shop window ...

The village is historical - many of the buildings were originally quite different usage.. now changed ..

Hope it is of some interest ...

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Staffordshire, UK

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