Nikon D800E or Canon 5d Mark 3 ?!

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Re: Tennis players?

Dan_168 wrote:

D800 is superior to 5D3 but not enough to stop Canon. Besides being with Canon DSLR for over 10 years and Canon film cameras for over 10 years and reading many forums leads me to believe that there are more hard core Canon fanatics than Nikon and they will put up with any crap Canon gives them. So Canon is safe but they lost a lot of users after D800 came out. If Nikon could adapt the same policies as Canon they might gain even more users.

Can the same be said to some Nikon fanatics?

Yes it can be. But it seams that the ratio is 10:1 Canon vs nikon

I am dual system user since AE-1 and FM days and currently have 3 Canon 1-Seres and D800E on Nikon side, so I love both system, and I still remember those "who needs FF, crop is better"

And that what hurt Nikon the most. Even though Nikon was first to the market with affordable D1 their reluctance to have FF hurt them in the long run.

statements and "who needs high resolution, 12 is more than we need"..... but until D3 showed up all of a sudden no one can ever get decent picture unless you have one, and now no one can have a decent landscape picture unless you have a D800......

No, you can't get decent landscape picture unless you have D800e

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