Thanks, DPR. These X-E1 AF tips actually work.

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Re: Thanks, DPR. These X-E1 AF tips actually work.

Great thread guys, thanks for the tips! Manual + AFL button makes a lot of sense for situations where you're getting stuck, as it will also let you take multiple shots without having to re-acquire focus over and over (e.g. for bar portraits etc). Being in manual will also make it as easy and fast as possible to command-dial-zoom and nail focus manually if the AFL button doesn't get it perfect.

viking79 wrote:

Charlesn wrote:

1) Turn off the AF assist lamp. See what I mean by counterintuitive? But sure enough, that lamp seems to hinder instead of assist with focus. With the lamp off in low light, I'm locking focus more quickly and consistently. Go figure. WTF, Fuji? And... I find the opposite to be true on the X100--the lamp helps.

Sony NEX is the same, AF with assist light causes trouble as it must raise the focus threshold. It works fine as long as light hits where you are focusing.

I can second this, all advice for NEX 6 at least is to turn AF Assist light off immediately and never touch that setting again.

One thing I read about the Fuji AF Assist light is that it works if it's not blocked, but the 18-55 blocks it when zoomed in to 55mm! This could go a long way to explaining why it's so frustrating for people, as they don't know why it fails so miserably some times but works other times. I've also read that you can easily block the light if you're "holding it wrong" (af-assistgate?)

Fuji should probably have solved the 55mm issue on their end, because the result is a very bad user experience and some very confusing and distressing advice on the forums ("Turn off the AF Assist? Why would they include it if I should turn it off?!?").

Since the camera knows the 18-55 intimately it seems like they could just auto-disable the AF Assist light when you zoom in beyond the point where it gets blocked. Surely someone at Fuji must have thought of that?

Alternately an on-screen "AF ASSIST BLOCKED" message seems pretty reasonable, though maybe the AF Assist light tech isn't capable of telling the difference between "I'm completely blocked" and "I'm not hitting anything within my range". Either way some kind of notice would be nice, along with either a hint to disable AF Assist for now or, even better, auto-disablement of the AF Assist light in situations where it isn't able to solve focus problems.

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