Is there anything today that feels even marginally like an OM-2?

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Is there anything today that feels even marginally like an OM-2?


I've used Sony's since the A100, that's when I got interested in photography for certain.

Upgraded to an A580 that was nice, especially with the Live view focus check and much better higher ISO capabilities. The build quality left quite a lot to be desired however. Upgraded to an A77 after realizing that large aperture lenses make mf af adjust quite critical. Really did like the build quality and feel of the A77, though its size meant I couldn't put it in the pocket of a jacket and as such it didn't get out and about as perhaps much as it could. The used NEX 3 I got for a companion was excellent with small manual lenses, however its shutter sounds like Donald Duck having an asthma fit.

The A77 and NEX 3 were stolen and a NEX 6 replaced them, together with an LA-EA2. Now I can see no obvious flaw with the NEX 6. Good EVF, good LCD, much better shutter sound, nicer build than the NEX 3.

It's just...I recently also inherited an Olympus OM-2 and if there was a contemporary camera that felt mostly like it I'd seriously considering buying it. I like that there is no grip, just heft. It's not too small and not too large and with the Zuiko lenses I've paired it with it's looked and felt awesome in the hand. Excellent to carry over the shoulder in a strap, and nice to set the aperture on the lens itself.

In the end it would appear thusly:

Images matter the most, but to take them you need a cellphone with a good ca- camera that says 'pick me up' like a fat cat that would love to ruin your jeans, and that unlike a fat cat is quite easy to take with you and not necessarily intimidating if you happen to approach people.

The NEX-6 is competent, however with Alpha lenses and the LA-EA2 not that small and I don't care much for the native lenses (no external controls, the ones with heft are expensive, if they exist, and is it possible to mf with peaking and no magnification yet?).

It could well be that this a "the grass is always greener" and my has the so called winter been mostly very non-scenic here, and selling things is not at all easy or quick...but the OM-2 says "pick me up" and I tend to oblige, even if it's electronic shutter sometimes becomes slug-like.

Should I go somewhere and hold an X-E2? Or be content with "good enough" and wait for pollen season?

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