Tried to buy local, no sale.

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Re: Thank God I live in Portland. Feel sorry for all you saps who don't.

+1 on Pro Photo Supply in Portland. Whenever I'm after something that's hard to get, they always find it for me first. And the people who work there actually know what they're talking about.

Glazers in Seattle is also great, but there are one or two guys there who can be pretty arrogant. The other day, I was looking at the Sony A7 and asked the salesperson how to set the focus point manually. He made the change, but the focus point was quite large, and I asked him if there was a way to have a smaller focus point. He said no, there wasn't. So I poked around through the menus a bit and found the "pinpoint af" option. I showed him and he said "Yes, I know about that." "But you just told me that there was no way to make the focus point smaller", I said. His replied "I told you that there was no way to make the focus point smaller in that other mode." WTF? What a jackass.

I have been buying gear from Glazers for almost 20 years now. The old timers there know me and know that I'm serious about photography. I don't need to go in there and have the sales people play semantics games with me like that. They lost a sale that day.

FrankParis wrote:

Pro Photo Supply in Portland, Oregon was great in the past, is still as great as ever, and I expect it will remain great for as long as Portland itself exists. I love going there and buying things from them. They always get the latest gear before B&H or Amazon, and if they don't know the details of a particular product, they freely admit it and start pouring through the manuals with you. One thing they're better at than you is their skill at pouring through the manuals. They do it all day long and know how to do it and are very familiar with a thousand different products so pick up on new gear with no sweat.

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