Pentax interview pretty clear about FF inevitability....

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Re: Pentax interview pretty clear about FF inevitability....

miles green wrote:

petreluk wrote:

Cigarguy wrote:

petreluk wrote:

Not really an interview to set the blood on fire.

And that's a good thing. Better to promise little and deliver lots than promise lots and deliver little.

Still better: don't give an interview at all unless you are willing to sound open, enthusiastic and interested in photography and your customers rather than giving a passable impression of someone emerging from a general anaesthetic.

It is my understanding that the apathetic "matter of fact" stance at the interview is just proper Japanese business etiquette.

Yes, you could be quite right though I don't know. Perhaps I was a little hard on them. But they are giving an interview to a Western publication and recent interviews on DPR with other camera companies show that they know how to do it right for a Western audience and find the right people to do it, too. One doesn't want hot air and BS but one does want a little pezzazz and enthusiasm, a sense that this is an outfit worth watching (and investing in). The somewhat diffident response to wifi was particularly unfortunate. Here was a chance to talk up the Flucard which is out this very day, effectively, and show that Pentax is on the ball with mobile and apps. Put in a little spin to justify the cost of the card (£99 here, or US $164, a heck of a price really). Instead they more or less said wifi was someone else's problem and anyway they weren't very interested. Tsk tsk.

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