Pana 20/1.7 (version II) vs Oly 17/1.8?? Need help deciding.

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Re: Pana 20/1.7 (version II) vs Oly 17/1.8?? Need help deciding.

tamras29 wrote:

I just think it's a great shame that us EM-5 users even have to be asking the question. Come on Olympus - you are producing some lovely glass from 25mm onward, but apart from the 12mm, there really isn't much on offer around 14-20mm. The 17/1.8 should be better. IMO! Which is why when out on the streets, I pick up my Fuji X100 without question.

But really, are we just splitting hairs?  The artistic imagery should be important, a 5.926135% difference in sharpness will not make-or-break this IMHO.  Choose the lens based upon other needs - focal length, autofocus speed, construction or features - and don't worry about the sharpness difference, it is just a pixel-pepper's OCD.

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