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Re: Thank God I live in Portland. Feel sorry for all you saps who don't.

murfthesurf wrote:

Aaron801 wrote:

Len_Gee wrote:

Well Portland isn't exactly the center of the cultural universe.

Thank God I don't live in Portland. I must be a sap.

Enjoy your stay in Portland.

Actually, these days Portland really IS pretty close to the center of the cultural universe.

Nice city Portland, but the center of the cultural universe? Please...

I had the 'pleasure' of living in an area for a dozen years where the locals almost ran around waving pennants 'We are (place)-ians, we are special, we are better'. Very tiresome. It WAS a nice area, they did have arts and culture beyond their size, no doubt, but the rah-rah stuff and the inadvertent insulting to anyone from anyplace else got tiresome. I got tired of in effect being told that my family and friends living elsewhere were of course inferior, and idiots.

BTW they did have a very nice camera store in the town near me there, where I bought a really great old Nikon F with motor drive (not autowind, motor drive) that had led quite a life as probably a wedding shooter, a very nice addition to my camera collections. I do regret parting with it several years ago.

Home is where the heart is, and others' hearts are not where yours is. Always good to remember.

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