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Re: So is this one

gollywop wrote:

TomFid wrote:

Probably best to stick to just eyeball the raw data, and be satisfied with its 1 stop interval. Or, build a model with a sensible functional form and fit it to a larger sample of body/lens combinations.

As to inventing a curve by eyeballing the data, the results are completely without value. Indeed, the best estimate we have for a maximum is the maximum we have, not one based on speculation. You can then do some half hearted Bayesian modification by saying that you have a diffuse prior that, when taken into account, would suggest that that maximum could be in a range around the data maximum -- maybe even 1 stop. But there's no value to eyeballing a curve.

I think we're in violent agreement, as I intended "be satisfied with its 1 stop interval" to be equivalent to your clearer "the best estimate we have for a maximum is the maximum we have," not inventing a curve.

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