Adobe Elements 9 to Lightroom 5.3 ===> My experience

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Re: Adobe Elements 9 to Lightroom 5.3 ===> My experience

Sirandar wrote:

Thanks so much for the advice .... that will save me some Google time....

I am pretty much happy how things are laid out ..... very intuitive for the most part... reminds me of Raw Shooter from ages ago....

For those considering the transition of Elements to Lightroom:

The database module in LR seems very much more efficient, quick and reliable than Elements 9. I am not talking about a little bit .... I have already successfully completed database operations in LR that I wouldn't even think of attempting in the Elements Organizer.

Somebody at Adobe must have actually paid for a top notch SQL programming team .... who would have thought

Even the Map View works in Lightroom on my Laptop for complex database operations ..... The Elements map view bogged or crashed with a few hundred pictures on a highish end PC.

I stuck with Elements for way too long because I had no confidence that there was anything better.

I will still use Elements for the masking tools as they are sufficient. Doesn't support 16 bit but that is not likely to matter much if I am just cloning and healing a final image.

The healing brush in LR is very rudimentary but I understand why ......

The healing brush in Lightroom is actually more capable and easier to use since it offers a real time preview of the change to the target when you move the source to allow for very fast tweaking of corrections and for perfect alignment. Even Photoshop CC does not have that.

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