EM10: asides from the price, nothing entry level about it

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Re: Price isn't entry-level

Cane wrote:

You like the world to look like a video game with shadow areas black and highlights whited out?

If you don't  then i ask, why are you a photographer? Seriously, the best DSLRs are barely touching 15 stops of DR, why should the VF offer such sky high ranges of DR when the sensor can't capture that all anyway? In a way, that gives you a false sense of security, showing your eye far more than the sensor can capture. If you ask me, an EVF, limited as it may be for now, gives you a better eye to see with, it is digital just like the sensor that takes the photo.

Mark my words, in time when devs get smarter, we will be able to adjust the EVF to match exactly what the sensor will capture with DR, you can't tell a mirror what to reflect to your eye. Want to take an HDR shot? EVF will switch to HDR mode. Want a high contrast B&W? Got that covered too. The control digital offers will do the same for the VF as it did for sensors. Welcome to the new millennium dude.

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