EM10: asides from the price, nothing entry level about it

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Re: Price isn't entry-level

sigala1 wrote:

An entry-level price is the Nikon D3200 which sells for less than $500 with the kit lens. The EM-10 is $300 more expensive. Yet the D3200 gives you a real optical viewfinder and a bigger 24MP sensor that has a much higher sensor score at DXOMark.

Haaaaaaa dude you made me spit soda out of my nose. A real optical VF, is that what you call that little thing?? That is called a micro mirror and it is all but worthless. You are also limited to only lenses with AF motors built in with that camera, not something i want to deal with.

I bought a GX7 for $250 more than that Nikon thing. I get peaking, IBIS, video that absolutely crushes everything Nikon makes, an E shutter for ZERO in camera vibrations and millions of actuations, live exposure preview, a huge EVF, the list goes on.  I would step in front of a bus if i woke tomorrow to find a D3200 in my bag.

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