Pana 20/1.7 (version II) vs Oly 17/1.8?? Need help deciding.

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kenw wrote:

One_Oldman_4U wrote:

What do mean slow? noise? How slow is the focusing compared to a "kit"lens"? Is it noticeable? And the noise? Is it coming from the focusing mechanism? I ask since I'm interested in this lens for my GM1.

Well we should be careful here.  It is certainly "slower" but probably unfair to call it "slow".  When it first came out and was used on cameras already pretty slow to focus (E-P1) it might be fair to call it just plain slow.  These days, with something like the GM1, it will be slower to focus than the kit lens but still focus respectably fast - especially when compared to a lot of other mirrorless systems.  In my experience you will notice the slowness even more when you are shooting in low light.  It is perfectly usable speed wise for most things.  I'd be frustrated using it with moving kids or pets.

As to the noise the focus motor is pretty loud, the loudest of all the native m43 lenses I think.  Not as loud as some big old SLR AF lenses I've used in the past but noticeably louder than anything else you'll find in m43 land.  It is the focusing motor making the noise (not aperture chatter) so in MF it is of course silent.  Again, there are a lot of SLR lenses out there a whole lot noisier so it might unfair to call it loud but by comparison to the typically very quiet m43 lenses it is certainly louder than a kit lens.

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Ken W
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When I use my gf's 20, it is noticably slower than even my Oly 17/2.8.

Agree it's totally usable, but it seems to slow focus and not focus more than other lenses. That said, the IQ is really good.

My nits against the 20 is that it produces starburst highlights (some like, I don't). It also tends to produce green polygon flare patterns (again, I don't like them). It can render things a little harsh.

Really, I would pick based on FL. I would prefer having both 17 and 25 instead of a 20... others like the more in between FL.

I would love having the scale focus feature of the 17/1.8 for night photography! If you don't do this, it might be a non-issue, but when it's too dark to focus, scale focus is a great boon!

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