Tried to buy local, no sale.

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While we're on the subject...

In 2012 I gave up on getting an EM-5 after seeing it back-ordered everywhere for so often. Visiting a daughter in Kentucky, I stopped at a large, locally-owned store in Louisville, Murphy's Camera. I had a good feeling as soon as I stepped into the place- it was very large for a camera store, but it was also packed with customers at midday on a Saturday. I perused the wrap-around counter until I found the m4/3 gear and stepped up to ask if there were an EM-5 on hand that I could handle. The salesman grabbed one from under the counter, stopped long enough to make sure the battery was charged and that a memory card was in place, then passed it to me. We talked as I sighted around the shop taking a shot now and then. He had played with the camera enough to become familiar with basic operation, but admitted he needed to spend more time with it; he was personally trying out a Fuji and was interested in how it compared to the Olympus. Having read a lot about the EM-5 by that time, I maneuvered through the menu pretty easily and set up what I was looking for. Never once did the salesman try to baffle me with B.S. or pressure me into looking at other gear in the store.

After negotiating with my wife, I walked out with the camera. I'd have driven back up to Kentucky to buy the EM-1 if Murphy's had gotten it in stock before I found one. The sales tax didn't hurt a bit compared with the satisfaction of being able to handle the camera before buying- and having handled it, I would never have gone on line to save that bit.


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