Pentax interview pretty clear about FF inevitability....

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For all the FF hype, the estimated FF percentage seems stagnent for this year

Zvonimir Tosic wrote:

FF market is already very crowded, and yet, still in single % digits of the overall camera market. See what is all available there, new and second-hand:

— Nikon

D3, D3s, D3x
D4, soon D4s

— Canon

1D4, 1DX

— Sony

A800, A850, A99,

— Leica

M9, M9P, M-240, M-E

That is some 25 cameras! Perhaps I have omitted some.

If you wanted to introduce something new and interesting, how would you act? To do something worthwhile in such a crowded, yet very small market, one needs to make something really interesting in terms of a camera, and also in terms of lenses.

And still be perfectly aware that sales won’t excite at all in a single digit market.

Whatever Pentax does, won’t change anything. Because even D600/6D did not change anything.

A turning point in the camera market will the moment when both Nikon and Canon start implementing FF sensors in their consumer grade cameras, like D5xxxx series, the next 80D or something similar, and keep the prices same or similar

Or, when (and if) they completely erase those lower end lines in favour of D610 and 6D camera lines but keep the prices same or very similar.

But are we there yet? And are the customers ready for another round of purchases?

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From all the FF fans out there, and from all the hype at Nikon, Canon and Sony, one would think the FF market is going to explode.  But when i started a thread on the other forum and asked folks to estimate what the percentage of ILC sales would FF be in 2014, most responders thought it wouldn't be much more than it is today.

Seems like a big disconnect to me.

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