My first day out with my EM10 and 25mm f1.8! (Pics intensive)

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My observations

Len_Gee wrote:

Excellent pics. Jpeg or RAW?

Can you report on the following:

  • handling
  • menu system
  • AF. Both single and continuous focus modes.

hi Len_Gee, all the pics are taken in Jpeg as my LR4.4 cannot open the EM10 RAW files.

Handling: This is my 1st Olympus camera and 2nd M4/3 camera, I owned a Panasonic GF1 long ago for a short period of time. I quite like the handling of the camera, very well-built and feels comfortable in the hands. Light yet have a heft to it then lets you feel that it is a premium product. The grip is adequate although I would have like the EM1 grip. All the dials, wheels and buttons are at the places they should be. I especially like the twin wheels, actually prefers it to the dials on top of the Fujifilm XT1. The twin wheels make it very easy to adjust apertures, shutter speeds, scrolling through pics and all the important stuffs.

Menu system: The menu system is abit daunting because there so many options and I am not sure what some of the options do. There is a high level of customisation available, I think I need some time to figure them out. E.g. there is a shading compensation option which is set to off by default. Not sure what it does, heard it supposed to remove vignetting. I quite like Super Control Panel view though and find it very easy to access certain settings from there.

There are two things I find puzzling/annoying. One is regarding the customisation of the FN1 and FN2 buttons, there is only a limited set of options which you can set to these two buttons. Some of them not so useful in my opinion. For example, I should be able to set ISO to FN2 but sadly I can't do it. I want to set FN1 to RAW button but can't do it too. I can set the FN1 to shoot RAW & Jpeg but not RAW only, why can't I just choose to shoot RAW using the shortcut? Second is if you accidentally exit the menu, it doesn't go back to the menu you last access so you have to scroll all the way back to where you previously were. My RX1 menu is better in this aspect. Hopefully a firmware update can fix these.

AF: I was using mainly single AF and it was very speedy and confident even in very dim lightings.  I feel that it is more confident in locking on to its target than the XT1 I tried recently.  I only tried the C-AF once when I tried to track a swimming shark.  I was using centre AF point + C-AF, it was quite alright, I took 4 pics and 3 were in focus.  The shark was not swimming at a very high speed though, more like a leisurely pace.

Hope my observations help!

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