Help me decide on the XT1

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Help me decide on the XT1

As you may know I have owned many cameras and have been one of those people who think "big is better" ie FF must always be used if you need maximum IQ etc.

However the past two years has seen significant developments with mirrorless and now may be the time for those (including myself) to hold their hands up and admit FF is not essential to gaining great IQ.

I have around £3800 to spend on a system and having recently had the DF I sold it because I thought I could adapt to using primes but  I finished up putting a big zoom on it which really defeats  the object.

So my dilema now is do I buy the XT1 and a selection of lenses as a 1 system camera or do I buy it with kit lens for travel etc, and still buy say the Nikon D610 and say 24-120 as a system that may give me better performance in some situations?

That said I guess unless I use the trinity lenses on the D610 I may not see much difference?

At the moment my main decision is between the Sony A7 or A7R v XT1, I wonder how much better the A7R is with the Zeiss 24-70 f4 than the XT1 ?

Too many options, I guess if I wasn't a gear head life would be much easier.

The problem with forums is that  most are biased towards their own camera and opinions are given on that bases, I know that's stating the obvious but it's difficult to get an accurate assessment even with reviews in magazines as you sometimes feel these are biased sometimes.

I read an article in a mag this week that put 6 FF cameras head to head and their view was in real world all of them were excellent and little difference between them all in terms of IQ AND ISO etc,  I guess any camera ,over £1000 will give you excellent results.



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