Pentax interview pretty clear about FF inevitability....

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Re: Pentax interview pretty clear about FF inevitability....

KL Matt wrote:

You can start selling your lenses now.

They've put this one on ice again.

It never came off 'ice' only the fevered imaginations and irresponsible conjecture for those who should know better led to some ridiculous expectations of an imminent FF release (been ongoing since 2006)

Nothing has changed Pentax have a product and a plan , until the market conditions are right there will be no FF Pentax.

It's not possible to predict when that might be but is interesting to note Pentax are maneuverings themselves into a position where they could quickly switch to FF production.

So the signs are there that a FF camera is in Pentax short/mid future but when that may be is anyone’s guess.

At the moment they've obviously reached the conclusion a FF camera make no economic sense with to few probable sales.

But give it 6 months and all could change (or not).!

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