Pentax interview pretty clear about FF inevitability....

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Re: Translation: We've got nothing of interest for Photokina, either.

KL Matt wrote:

sgtsween wrote:

From another forum:

"Research and development into full-frame is still ongoing. We cannot talk about it yet."

Works for me.

"Nothing is coming in 2014. Plans for Full Frame are still on indefinite hold. We have had plenty of designs ready to go in the past, but in each case when it comes time to greenlight the project for production, management says no. Or there are quality issues with the planned sensor . So we shelve the design until it becomes obsolete and then later, when the market upticks again, we furiously develop a new body for a new sensor.

But by the time that one is ready to go, the competition has brought out a direct competitor that ruins our chances of selling our latest full frame variant. Faced with a hostile market, we scrap it, again, and hope for better days.

We've been doing this since .... 2003 I think? Yeah. Over a decade of false starts. Better to not lose face and simply do the exact same product as long as possible -- we learned with the K-01 that even minor innovation is a recipe for disaster. We're going to remain firmly entrenched with what we know and ignore all else, since it involves risk. And risk is bad. Just look at the K-01!"

i.e. nothing to see here. Move along.

How much are you willing to bet on your "translation"?



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