African safari D800E backup: anything better than D610?

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I use a D4, D800 and now a D7100. Unless you are doing a lot of bird in flight shooting ( for which you need the D4 ), the D7100 is a perfect second body for a safari. I just spent a month in Africa with that setup. The D7100 is light weight, small, it gives you the crop advantage with dense pixels for distant subjects. You can never have enough "magnification" in Africa, and the D7100 has the equivalent of a 56mp full frame sensor.

It focuses very fast and accurately ( AF fine tune youe bodies/lenses ). The downside is the buffer size. You run out in 1 second. But this is not a limitation if you are not doing long strings of shots, like a cheetah running after prey ( you should be so lucky! ). It is noiser than the D800, but very useable in well lit situations. Uses same battery as D800. A real winner for safari. I would take it over the D4, except for BIFs.

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