Pentax interview pretty clear about FF inevitability....

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Re: Pentax interview pretty clear about FF inevitability....

Diffraction wrote:

The biggest issue that I see is not that Pentax cannot make an FF - but can they sell it? The K-3 is an excellent camera, but it does not outsell Canon or Nikon. So was the K-5 etc...
No matter how much better Pentax is, they have a hard time selling the goods.

I know it'd be a matter of volume i.e. can they sell enough to recoup R&D costs and be profitable in the long run, but I'd sure buy a FF Pentax and I don't think that I'm alone in that. Even alot of the folks on here that say they do not want FF and are happy with APS-C would probably give it a second thought, or at least consider FF in their replacement timeline (when K-3 becomes "old.")

The whole issue with Pentax highlighting the 645 when asked about FF is that it's not feasible for many Pentax enthusiasts. I don't need MF, nor do I want to carry something that large around or pay 7K plus for the privilege. I'd be happy to spend 3K or so on a Pentax FF with a few lenses and get the IQ I really want. I think there's a market in between APS-C and MF that Pentax needs to exploit. And I keep hearing that they "can" do it so I'm not even sure it would be that huge an investment (i.e. I don't think the move would carry a ton of risk.)

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