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Re: Thank God I live in Portland. Feel sorry for all you saps who don't.

Aaron801 wrote:

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Len_Gee wrote:

Well Portland isn't exactly the center of the cultural universe.

Thank God I don't live in Portland. I must be a sap.

Enjoy your stay in Portland.

Actually, these days Portland really IS pretty close to the center of the cultural universe.

Nice city Portland, but the center of the cultural universe? Please...

OK... so maybe "center of the cultural universe" is a bit overstated for Portland, but it certainly is on that spectrum, especially when you consider the size of the place. Of course, there just isn't going to be as much of anything, culture included compared to a mega city like NYC, LA San Fran, etc where there's going to be more of everything due to the scale places like that.
It has the largest bookstore for example in the US, maybe in the world, more than it's share of record stores... not to mention fine artists, film makers, musicians (there's a lot going on with indie rock, less so in other genres it seems, but a bit of everything). Food and drink is perhaps biggest here. My mom lives on the other coast and watches the Food Network quite a bit and Portland is name checked an awful lot. More breweries and coffee roasters per capita than anywhere else, I'm sure of it. A small coffee chain was sold to investors on the other coast who promptly opened up locations in NYC, where the place was hyped as being a very "Portland style" place (and in a hip place like NYC the fact that this has cache is meaningful). I read some article that ranked the "hippest places in the US" and Portland was pretty much at the top of the list, beating even Brooklyn (though I do realize that these kind of articles are pretty frivolous)... Several very successful rock bands have moved to Portland either before or after making a name for themselves...
Don't get me wrong. I don't really care how "hip" this place is, I just like the speed of life here, but there is a lot out there to support the notion that Portland (at least these days) is a very hip place... influential in music, food, drink and probably a few other cultural obsessions.

I like the Pacific North West. I lived in Seattle for a couple years in the 80s and have been to both Portland and Seattle several times in the past, most recently in 2011. As I said, Portland is a nice city. I just couldn't take the constant drizzle 9 months out of the year. I know that was Seattle, but isn't Portland's weather very similar? I know the annual precipitation is about the same.

I moved to Colorado about 30 years ago and haven't looked back since.  Our camera stores have taken a drastic nose dive in the past couple years though.

Oh, and I'll put our breweries up against anybodies.

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