G1X mkII: No HDR, DR, 60fps @1080p and panorama, at such a high price?

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Re: 60 fps for Slo-Mo video

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Why is 1080p 60fps so important out of a sudden? Last time I checked "no 30fps" was the top issue. Why people seem to cannot live without 60fps now?

Slow motion video.

To me it would be enough to have 60fps at 720p.

Maybe to you it would be enough, but for those of us that have TV's and computers that can support 1080p at 60fps, it is not enough. Also, as years go by the G1X MkII will become even more obsolete than it already is right now. Why design a top of the line $800 camera with low quality video, does that make any sense to you?

Because, let's face it, nobody has network bandwidth to download streaming 1080p video anyway.

Maybe not now, but it may be possible in the very near future. Being able to record in the latest video specifications should be something Canon should be able to support in their most high end fixed lens cameras. Videos of fast moving action looks much better at 1080p at 60fps vs 30fps. To me, if I was paying top dollar for a top of the line camera, I would at least want the top of the line video capability in it to be more future proofed. Heck, even much cheaper cameras have 1080p @ 60fps right now, why would Canon hold back on that feature? Also, 13 MP's seems very conservative for that size sensor, what's up with that, at least 16 MP's would have been more appropriate, IMHO?

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Since you and everyone in this forum already know that this canon is not for you, what is the purpose of your negative posts here?

You say other cameras can do higher fps, feel free to get those and be happy with them and stop cluttering the forum with your unhelpful posts.

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