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So during the past few weeks I've been looking at lots of reviews of entry-level DSLRs, trying to decide on which to buy (it will be my first). I've mostly looked into Nikon, and was pretty much convinced I would buy either the D3300 or a D5200.

But, today I went to a shop which had the K-50, and was blown way by the viewfinder, as well as the build and "feel" on the hands.

The big and bright viewfinder just seems to add a lot more to the experience, and after some more Pentax-focused reading, I'm pretty much convinced it will be a better option. I have however three reservations with it, which I hope you'll help me clarify.

1) for the Nikons, I was thinking of ditching the kit lens, and get a standard zoom with better low light performance and sharpness (probably the Sigma 17-70 f2.8/4). I would like to do the same thing with the Pentax, particularly since focusing with the kit seems quite loud. I know the Sigma also comes with a K-mount, but since I have limited knowledge about Pentax lenses, what are my best options?

2) one of the recurring cons about Pentax cameras is the "lack" of lenses. I understand this is not really true, since having the focus motor on the body plus SR enables you to use lots and lots of lenses. In general though, it just seems there's "less options". Can you convince me otherwise?

3) as I mentioned, the focus motor on the camera seems quite loud. What are your experiences with it?


Yesterday I did some evaluation of my the autofocus fine tuning of my DA 17-70mm f/4.0 and my DA*60-256 f/4.0 lenses. As a byproduct enclosed 2 photos of the overlapping range. (There is some CA because I turned in-lense-correction off for the focus adjustment.)

The DA*60-256 f/4.0 is my best zoom lens. So I was not suprised, that it is very sharp wide open:

DA 60-250mm @68mm f/4.0

But I did not expect that my DA 17-70mm f/4.0 is in the same league:

DA 17-70mm @63mm f/4.0

If you don't like the noise from the in camera focus motor, the SDM Motor of the DA 17-70 will please you.

I prefer the Pentax lenses over the Sigma lenses because of the in camera lens corrections.

My brother has the Nikon D7000 + the Nikkor AF-S 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6 lens. My copy of the Pentax 17-70 is sharper than his copy of the Nikkor 16-85



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