Metabones Leica R to M 4/3

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Re: Metabones Leica R to M 4/3

Francis E wrote:

Can anyone kindly tell me what modifications are needed to a Summicron 50/2 when using this adapter, and what the restrictions on metering are?

Is this an R mount lens? (pardon my ignorance).

My general experience with focal reducers is that the camera meters whatever light comes through the lens and therefore any adjustments are automatic.

Apart form the Sony E mount focal reducers for Canon EF lenses which "talk" to the camera and can control the lens from the camera all other focal reducers are completely dumb.  Brian C foreshadowed an EF mount focal reducer for the M4/3 mount.  If successful this will allow EF mount lenses to report to the camera and can in turn be controlled by the camera.

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