Pentax interview pretty clear about FF inevitability....

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Re: Pentax interview pretty clear about FF inevitability....

fakuryu wrote:

justin23 wrote:

The current lenses are a blessing and a curse in disguise. That is why I think if Pentax make a FF it will be a new mount with K mount adaptor.

No need for a new mount, the current K mount is already FF anyway unless they make a mirrorless FF which is IMHO company suicide at this point.

As I just mentioned, Ricoh already has a full frame 4th mount - the M mount - although they only used an APSC sensor with it. Which far from suicide, was actually very well received even though they didn't even sell a single lens to go with it.

If they add their own proprietary AF points to make and sell their own MILC system lenses will really be the only gamble they'd have to take. So it'll likely come down to if they see any profit in making and selling lenses, as they can probably keep selling M mount bodies profitably even in small volumes regardless for those who can't afford a Leica having the option of a more affordable Ricoh, as happened with the GXR-M. So much so, many people who bought the GXR-M are/were waiting to buy the next version with newer sensor and faster buffer etc.

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