Pentax interview pretty clear about FF inevitability....

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Re: Pentax interview pretty clear about FF inevitability....

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Completely agree and that has been my argument for a while. If a Pentax FF was no brainer going to make money they'd have made one. The fact is the biggest strength of all those existing lenses is also the biggest weakness as selling new lenses for said camera would not be easy especially if the existing lenses worked well.

The current lenses are a blessing and a curse in disguise. That is why I think if Pentax make a FF it will be a new mount with K mount adaptor. Although as many say adding a 4th mount is difficult, but if they bring out an APS-C with the same mount at the same time, it can be a transition to a new mount. Its a possibility but right now i think I'm more likely to spot a unicorn this year than a Pentax FF camera. Happy to be wrong though.

I don't think Ricoh will do another mount. Ricoh did point out in the interview by the guy from India that they believe 90% of the market is aps/c. If I were them and believe that number will hold up in the future I'd be very cautious about committing to more FF cameras. A far better perspective from my POV is to bring down the price of the medium format market and get the jump on anyone else thinking of getting in on that market.

Ricoh has already done a 4th mount - the M mount on the GXR. And it's already FF capable too even though they only used it with an APSC sensor.

All they have to do is add existing AF technology to it. The M mount is patent-free so they can just add their own proprietary AF contact points, or maybe even join Leica in a whole new AF-M consortium.

The new teleconverter shows they've worked to get both in-lens motor AF and in-body screw-drive AF lenses to work via an adapter - did they take so long with it because they also wanted to develop it for a similar adapter to work with a new MILC system to mount and drive all existing K lenses? While at the same time also being able to natively mount every manual M mount lens in existence too straight out of the box. That's quite a supply and choice of lenses for any brand new mount system, even if they only launch with one or two actual dedicated AF-M lenses at first.

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