V1 users, have you gotten used to the quirks/shortcomings of the camera?

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Richard Murdey
Richard Murdey Senior Member • Posts: 2,768
"Especially the lack of physical controls "

>Especially the lack of physical controls

The physical controls are not lacking. There are plenty of physical controls on the V1:

The four main ones are AF, AFL/AEL, EV, and timer. There's the main rear dial, and the zoom toggle switch, display mode, review, delete, and menu. And the inevitable OK button.

Pretty much everything you normally use is a button press and dial rotation away. And (an exceptionally unappreciated feature) it can all be comfortably adjusted with only one hand!

But to answer your question, mostly I leave the V1 with as much in "auto" as I think I can get away with in the situation. The camera can normally be trusted to take care of the nuts and bolts of the photo taking just fine.

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