Got an X-T1 and 23mm f/1.4 today. My first Fuji. I'm impressed and disappointed at the same time.

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Re: welcome to real world

The Photo Ninja wrote:

I blogged about it here with samples:

Bottom line. Camera controls and layout are fine. The images are superb. The autofocus speed is sub par. Is it the lens itself? How are the other Fuji lenses. Or, is this just the way it is?

Welcome to Fuji hype and to reality.

Think for yourself logically: Roughly same old sensor, same chip, improved AF algorithm - so just software improvements basically. Now take a look at Sony A6000: new chip with OSPDAF 92%! sensor coverage (basically all frame), new chip (quad-core!), and new AF algorithm - now that is what really makes AF fastest in the world 0.06sec (CIPA).

Take a look at not biased opinion of person who also checked X-T1 in store and was disappointed in AF:

Forget about fast AF hype of Fuji, leave that to more capable (in terms of AF) cameras like A6000 and just enjoy good X-T1 camera.

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