Pentax interview pretty clear about FF inevitability....

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Re: Pentax interview pretty clear about FF inevitability....

MightyMike wrote:

sgtsween wrote:

From another forum:

"Research and development into full-frame is still ongoing. We cannot talk about it yet."

Works for me.

Much of that research is marketability and cost analysis, its not that they don't have the ability to make a FF camera, they do, its that they need to make one that will sell, will drive customers to their camp and will be profitable enough to be worthwhile. Most possibilities for FF have been demonstrated so now they have to make a "me too" camera the stands apart from the crown but in a good way, otherwise whats the point. Its not about what the small minority of current customers want its about what will bring more customers in, because in the end that means more profit and that is all that matters.

So when wishing for a FF ask for one that will grab impressive market attention and bring new customers in, not just a FF that only suits your needs. Its the only way we'll see a FF sooner than later.

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Completely agree and that has been my argument for a while. If a Pentax FF was no brainer going to make money they'd have made one. The fact is the biggest strength of all those existing lenses is also the biggest weakness as selling new lenses for said camera would not be easy especially if the existing lenses worked well.

The current lenses are a blessing and a curse in disguise. That is why I think if Pentax make a FF it will be a new mount with K mount adaptor. Although as many say adding a 4th mount is difficult, but if they bring out an APS-C with the same mount at the same time, it can be a transition to a new mount. Its a possibility but right now i think I'm more likely to spot a unicorn this year than a Pentax FF camera. Happy to be wrong though.

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