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Re: DPR exposure

Steen Bay wrote:

Anders W wrote:

This is a response to Joe's (Great Bustard's) post here in a recently expired thread on the same topic as the present one.

Great Bustard wrote:

Steen Bay wrote:

P.S. - Examples of how the exposure can vary (quite a bit) in DPR's new comparison tool :

This makes DPR's studio comparison test all but useless. Well, thanks for that. Now I know.

I wouldn't jump to conclusions about this. See my reply to Steen here.

Wouldn't call the comparison tool useless either. The exposure can sometimes vary a bit between cameras (and in a few cases more than a bit), but at least we know if it varies now if we remenber to check the EXIF data (the 'i' below the 100% crops). Assuming, of course, that the lighting actually is held constant now..

As I said, I wouldn't make any assumptions about the light and wouldn't rely on the EXIF to tell me what the exposure (actual amount of light on the sensor per area unit) was like. I'd just check out what the RAWs in conjunction with the DxOMark "measured ISOs" tell me. When I have tried to do that (as I have on quite a few occasions), I have never found a greater difference at the same ISO than 1/3 EV (and usually less than that). But of course, I can't guarantee that there is never a problem on this score.

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