In which ways, and why, are smaller sensors more efficient than larger? Part 2

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Steen Bay Veteran Member • Posts: 6,978
Re: DPR exposure

Anders W wrote:

This is a response to Joe's (Great Bustard's) post here in a recently expired thread on the same topic as the present one.

Great Bustard wrote:

Steen Bay wrote:

P.S. - Examples of how the exposure can vary (quite a bit) in DPR's new comparison tool :

This makes DPR's studio comparison test all but useless. Well, thanks for that. Now I know.

I wouldn't jump to conclusions about this. See my reply to Steen here.

Wouldn't call the comparison tool useless either. The exposure can sometimes vary a bit between cameras (and in a few cases more than a bit), but at least we know if it varies now if we remenber to check the EXIF data (the 'i' below the 100% crops). Assuming, of course, that the lighting actually is held constant now..

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