Just tried an X-T1 today

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Just tried an X-T1 today

I've been debating the X-T1 and the A6000. Although, I have an all E and FE systems kit, I find the lack of quality mid-range zooms on APS-C E to be frustrating. I know some people love their 16-70/4, but the reviews have not been good. I don't really care to debate whether the reviews are right or wrong. Let it be. Also, the images I've seen from the Fuji 14mm have been amazing. They've seem sharper than the 10-18/4 I have. Anyway, my local Samy's had an X-T1 and I got a chance to play with it. Here is what I found.

- AF is slow. Perhaps continuous AF is pretty good, but I don't have a need for it. I need single frame AF to be fast. Inside the store, the AF hunted quite a bit. It did not feel any faster than the X-E2 that I compared with, side-by-side. Just to give you an indication of the light level in the store, on the 18-55, wide open, on Av mode, the ISO was metered at ISO 800 in auto ISO mode. I then compared it with an E-M1. It's no comparison. The E-M1 focusing speed was way faster. The nocticron was on the E-M1. If I owned an X-E2, there would be no reason to upgrade to the X-T1 for AF speeds.

- EVF was nice, but not game changing. Compared to the X-E2 and E-M1 indoors, it was better and slightly larger, but it was not gasp inducing. It did feel like it was refreshing faster than the EVF in the X-E2, but it's not going to make large FF OVF scared one bit.

- Build quality was very high. It might be slightly lesser than the E-M1, but it still felt pretty substantial. I would be pretty happy to own it.

Overall, I thought it was a great camera, but I do feel the hype has been overblown, and that disappoints me. Would I still want to own one? Yes, mainly for the Fuji colors and their lenses. Will I buy one now? To tell you the truth, the single frame AF was disappointing and that knocked the camera down one peg for me. For me, the E-M1 is still the class leader in overall handling. I'm probably leaning back to the A6000, mainly because I can share my lens collection between that and the A7R. I hope the A6000 doesn't disappoint.

I leave you all with one caveat. I have no idea how the Fuji would perform in good outdoor lighting. Also, the m43 fans have been hyping the E-M1's EVF. It's hype. I have been using the NEX 7 for 2 years and now the A7R, most new EVFs' improvements over the Sony are hard to see. The Fuji's advantage over the A7R's EVF is much more substantial than the E-M1's, and yet, I do not feel it blow me away enough to induce me to throw down my credit card.

These are just my opinions. Yours could be different.

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