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Re: Troll

Photo Pete wrote:

1w12q312qw1 wrote:

Photo Pete wrote:

What a parhetic post. Post title is a question and then makes out that you can't ask questions without being insulted. Loser.

You're entitled to your opinion, naturally.

Critisizes everyone in the Nikon forum and then complains about trolling. He ought to try the Canon forum... that's much better.

He is hardly criticising "everyone" in this forum, re-read his post.

Implies that people disagree and argue just for the sake of it. I couldn't disagree more.

You're joking, right?

Yes. I think the whole post is in good humour.

Yes. A Joke. We need a few on this forum!

Although I think it is the protocol here for me to now argue over several increasingly aggressive posts that parhetic is actually the correct spelling!

While I am certain that you spell checked your post ten times, you still missed the split infinitive.


*runs for cover*

Ah. The pseudo grammar rules of avoiding split infinitives!
If it upsets you I promise to never do it again.

Have Fun
Photo Pete

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