Tried to buy local, no sale.

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Re: Tried to buy local, no sale.

toomanycanons wrote:

nrwhitman wrote:

looked online at a local camera store and saw they had an EM-1 in stock. Went over to handle it and check some features. Really thought I would be walking out with one but I felt like I was at Best Buy given the quality of the service. I asked questions to confirm some options and features and the answers I got were simply wrong. Felt that the sales guy gave a wrong answer rather than admit he didn't know. that or he was simply misinformed (terribly misinformed).

For example, asked about wifi. Was told it was only for photo sharing, not able to control the camera, and that to work it had to connect to a local wireless access point, and of course none where available. All said with certainty.

Asked about the touch screen (thought it was off) and was told it doesn't have one.

Commented on the depth and breadth of the controls and he commented that the oly and panny controls are pretty confusing. Not a very good way to spin it if trying to sell the camera.

I don't know if he was making things up because he didn't want to bother looking up the answer, or if he really thought his answers were correct or what but he seeded doubt in my mind about the wifi capabilities and lost the sale. That and the thought that he may have knowingly lied really diminished the stores credibility. Really the only things they have to offer are the ability to handle before buying, product knowledge Service and immediate gratification. i question their ability for service and product knowledge. Not worth the extra 6%. Will probably order from B&H later tonight. Really did like the way it felt in my hands.

Should have been been a pretty easy $1400 sale for them.

Ok, got that off my chest.


There's a camera store in my town that's been in business for freakin' ever. I've been going there for probably 30 years. They're no Adorama/B&H but they do carry pro gear.

I don't really need to ask questions when I'm in there and they know me well enough not to talk stuff about the camera or lens I might be looking at. But always, on either side of me, are those types of buyers who come in not knowing ANYTHING and expect to the sales people to know all there is to know about whatever camera they might be looking at.

As I eavesdrop I can hear the sales guy almost making up generalities about the camera they're looking at, knowing that the wannabe buyer has no idea what he's talking about anyway, whether or not he's actually telling the truth. I can sympathize. Each sales person can't know everything about all cameras, better to just talk in generalities. The clueless buyer just needs to buy something and learn how to use their new gear then ask relevant questions.

So what I'm saying is, I don't get BS'd in that camera store because they know me. And I wouldn't even call it getting BS'd when the clueless get fed generalities by the staff. And the staff has been there forever, the store has been there forever and is profitable, I still go there, they must be doing something right.

Makes me smile. Oveheard sales conversations - often the blind leading the blind. How many times when you are standing there patiently waiting for a free member of the sales staff and overhearing the sales speil and feeling that you should really butt in with the right answer(s).

But in truth the unknowldegeable are really determined to buy a camera, any camera and just need a good dose of snake oil to tip them over the brink. They don't need anything complicated that a dose of good old caster snake oil wouldn't fix. Where is the shutter, how do you point it, how do you change batteries ... and how many megapixels does it have?

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