Tried to buy local, no sale.

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Re: Tried to buy local, no sale.

nrwhitman wrote:

looked online at a local camera store and saw they had an EM-1 in stock. Went over to handle it and check some features. Really thought I would be walking out with one but I felt like I was at Best Buy given the quality of the service. I asked questions to confirm some options and features and the answers I got were simply wrong. Felt that the sales guy gave a wrong answer rather than admit he didn't know. that or he was simply misinformed (terribly misinformed).

For example, asked about wifi. Was told it was only for photo sharing, not able to control the camera, and that to work it had to connect to a local wireless access point, and of course none where available. All said with certainty.

Asked about the touch screen (thought it was off) and was told it doesn't have one.

Commented on the depth and breadth of the controls and he commented that the oly and panny controls are pretty confusing. Not a very good way to spin it if trying to sell the camera.

I don't know if he was making things up because he didn't want to bother looking up the answer, or if he really thought his answers were correct or what but he seeded doubt in my mind about the wifi capabilities and lost the sale. That and the thought that he may have knowingly lied really diminished the stores credibility. Really the only things they have to offer are the ability to handle before buying, product knowledge Service and immediate gratification. i question their ability for service and product knowledge. Not worth the extra 6%. Will probably order from B&H later tonight. Really did like the way it felt in my hands.

Should have been been a pretty easy $1400 sale for them.

Ok, got that off my chest.


Several thoughts

Firstly your salesman was obviously incompetent and did not know his product.  They abound these days and this is the second worst failing of anyone supposedly selling things.

Secondly the only way to get a proper in depth commentary on any camera seems to be to read a professional review and it also seems that many reviews are superficial and produced by wannabes.

Thirdly retail vendors really hate guys who come in and handle product, make excuses, and then buy on line to save a few bucks.

Obviouslly if enough people buy on line then there will no retailers left to carry "demo" stock or at least they will not be able to hire knowledgeable sales staff.   If you had the camera in your hand did you wish to "punish" the shoop for hiring such an ignorant salesman by buying elsewhere?  Did B&H give you any better advice?

Or did the salesman sense that you were a tyre kicker (the most unredeeming attitude from sales staff) and not bother trying to appear knowledgeable for you

I personally feel that if I really need to handle a camera that I have previously thoroughly researched and I approach a retail store that has it in stock I first check that the price is not unreasonable and then if I am allowed to take up someones time and handle the article then I am bound a the code of consumer ethics to buy from them as well.  No matter how incompetent the staff are - I know more than them otherwise I would not find them incompetent.

More often than not I find that what I really want is not in stock and the place is full of "pap" everyman cameras, overpriced dslr lenses and the sales staff have no knowledge of their product anyway and are simply not interested in researching what they sell.  Probably use their mobile phone as a camera themself.  The death of the retail ccamera store becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

So I too more often than not buy on-line after doing my homework. and give retail outlets a complete miss. If they don't know their product, don't stock it, and will "buy one in" for you at some silly price if you beg a bit then why bother?

I tried to buy a Sony A7R a little while backfrom a local store.  Not only was I a committed customer but I was bound to buy by my own "consumer ethics".  They did not have one in stock and had no plans to stock them, even if they were already avaiable in other parts of the country on line and in stores.  Lucky me, I then cooled off a bit and bought a GM1 (ha!)..  But I didn't bother myself with a trip into the city to find out if the relatively obscure GM1 was in stock, I just opened my iPad and bought one sight unseen on-line.

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